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Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

pro bono services from a top digital agency

The MtoYou mission is simple:  we provide social media and digital marketing expertise to nonprofits to help market their organization to today’s audience.

About MtoYou

MtoYou is the philanthropic arm of MtoM Consulting and way for our employees to engage in charitable work through the work they do best.

our agency

MtoM is an industry-leading digital agency specializing in Influencer           Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media, and Digital Advertising. We utilize our innovative MAX Influence platform for cutting-edge research and measurement.

why mtoyou?

It is important to us as a company to use our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for good. MtoYou is an opportunity for our staff to do what we do best to help others, with the support of the MtoM agency. 

what we offer

We offer strategy, social media training and best practices, digital marketing webinars, basic content packages (graphics, short videos, etc.) and blog writing based on need and our committee review.

Apply Now to Be Considered 

Our MtoYou Committee meets monthly to select a new non-profit to receive our free services.

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